Matt Piucci

Many layers of guitar were built up for the Spearfish "wall of guitar". Matt used his semi-hollowbody Gretsch, acoustic and played organ.

Billy Talbot

Movement, swayiong, striaing, crooning, Billy's gives one of hos greatest vocal performances across this record. The videos capture a great amount of this dynamic.

Mark Hanley

Multi-instrumentalist, and Belgian beer aficionado, Mark lends some fine mandolin, winsome lap steel and legit background vocals to many tracks. His songwriting ability has brought him together with Matt Piucci and Tommy Carns for many recordings in the Bay Area music scene.

Erik Pearson

Music teacher, multi-instrumentalist and Oberlin College and Conservatory of Music grad, Erik has the ability to add that "never heard before" part to any genre of music - drawing from his deep knowledge of musical culture anthropology. He contributes keyboard, saxophone, lap steel and guitar on this record.

Ryan Holzer

Early in his continued partnership with Billy, Ryan adds acoustic guitar, accordion, trombone and vocals here, enlivening the songs with a an energy to match Billy's.

Tommy Carns

Though he wouldn't say it, as it's long-since his second instrument, Tommy is a phenomenal bassist. Fluid runs and a backbeat legato feel mark his style. Tommy's capabilities as a vocalist are complex - he blends his voice and works a microphone to build a unique take that captures nuance. This was Tommy's last project with Billy as he relocated to Southern California.

Stephan Junca

Offering listeners a huge range of driving backbeat and shimmering cymbal crashes, Junca also pares down to subtle percussion work in improvised sections of songs, using soft mallets to conjure atmosphere around bridges and instrumentals. His background as a percussionist has always added a skill-set that makes his contributions to Billy's music two-fold.

Eric Haas

Having a producer who can objectively blend into the live recording, create a sense of belonging to an overdub, and chase a song down til it meets its groove, is a great and precious thing. Eric and Billy are a great team, and his able hands have produced all of Billy's last three recordings. From mic to mix to master, a patient and organic approach makes his contribution vital to the BTB sound.

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